Our parent brand Rock Content was created to easily help marketers create content that rocks. It’s a marketing solution framework, that enables premium content experiences.

The brand icon represents content production, inspired by a paper filled with lines. While the name was inspired by rock music and the informal use of the word rock (rocking, rocked) as a way to describe stirring things up and the display of something to great affect. It also provides the symbolism of strength and stability, two qualities we strive for as a company. Meanwhile, the use of the word content is used to give context to the solutions and services that we offer.

Full guidelines https://interactive.rockcontent.com/brand-guidelines/logo-321ZN-2920PJ.html


Google Drive https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xKEOaE_8EGtTCfHvksmFeRJou3ihZQKt

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