The Button component is used to trigger an action or event, such as submitting a form, opening a dialog, canceling an action, or performing a delete operation.


  • Button: The button component with support for custom icons, spinners, etc.
  • ButtonGroup: Used to group buttons whose actions are related, with an option to flush them together.


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Button Sizes#

Use the size prop to change the size of the button. You can set the value to xs, sm, md, or lg.

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Button variants#

Use the variant prop to change the visual style of the Button. You can set the value to solid, ghost, outline, or link.

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Button with icon#

You can add left and right icons to the Button component using the leftIcon and RightIcon props respectively.

Note: The leftIcon and rightIcon prop values should be react elements NOT strings.

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You can also use icons from popular libraries like react-icons and pass it into the button.

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Button loading state#

Pass the isLoading prop to show its loading state. By default, the button will show a spinner and leave the button's width unchanged.

You can also pass the loadingText prop to show a spinner and the loading text.

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You can also change the spinner itself to use custom loaders as per your design requirements. Pass the spinner prop and set it to a custom react element.

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Social Buttons#

We've included the colors for common social media platforms, and you can simply use their buttons via the colorScheme prop.

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The Facebook and Twitter icons in the above example are available from react-icons as FaFacebook and FaTwitter, found in the react-icons/fa import.

Grouping Buttons#

You can use the Stack or ButtonGroup component to group buttons. When you use the ButtonGroup component, it allows you:

  • Set the size and variant of all buttons within it.
  • Add spacing between the buttons
  • Flush the buttons together by removing the border radius of the its children as needed.
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To flush the buttons, pass the isAttached prop

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  • Button has role of button.
  • When Button has focus, Space or Enter activates it.


All props you pass (variant, colorScheme, etc.) are converted to style props. This means you can override any style of the Button via props.

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Custom Button#

In the event that you need to make your own custom button, you can leverage the Box component. It provides the hover, focus, active and disabled style props to style the button.

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Button composes the Box component so you can pass all props for Box. These are props specific to the Button component.

aria-labelstringAn accessible label for the button, useful when you render only an icon in the button
colorSchemestringblueThe color scheme of the button—one of the colors from theme.colors.
leftIconReactElementThe left icon element to use in the button
rightIconReactElementThe right icon element to use in the button
spinnerReactElementThe spinner element to use when isLoading is set to true
variantoutline, ghost, unstyled , link , solidsolidThe variant of the button style to use.
isDisabledbooleanIf true, the button will be disabled.
isLoadingbooleanIf true, the button will show a spinner.
loadingTextstringThe label to show in the button when isLoading is true. If no text is passed, it only shows the spinner
sizesm, md, lgmdThe size of the button.
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