Alert Dialog

AlertDialog component is used to interrupt the user with a mandatory confirmation or action.


Rock UI exports 7 alert dialog related components.

  • AlertDialog: provides context and state for the dialog.
  • AlertDialogHeader: should contain the title announced by screen readers.
  • AlertDialogBody: should contain the description announced by screen readers.
  • AlertDialogFooter: should contain the actions of the dialog.
  • AlertDialogOverlay: The dimmed overlay behind the dialog.
  • AlertDialogContent: The wrapper for the alert dialog's content.
  • AlertDialogCloseButton: The button that closes the dialog.


AlertDialog requires that you provide the leastDestructiveRef prop.

Based on WAI-ARIA specifications, focus should be placed on the least destructive element when the dialog opens, to prevent users from accidentally confirming the destructive action.

Editable Example

Adding transitions#

The AlertDialog doesn't come with any transitions by default so you can manage this yourself. Rock UI exports four transition components (Fade, ScaleFade, Slide, and SlideFade) to provide simple transitions.

When adding transitions, kindly pay attention to the timeout for the overlay and content transitions. In this example, Fade transitions slower than the SlideFade for it to work correctly.

Editable Example


  • AlertDialog has role alertdialog, and aria-modal set to true.
  • When the dialog opens, focus is automatically set to the least destructive element.
  • When the dialog opens, the content in the AlertDialogHeader and AlertDialogBody are announced by screen readers via aria-labelledby and aria-describedby attributes.
  • Clicking on the overlay closes the AlertDialog.
  • Pressing esc closes the dialog.


AlertDialog and its components compose the Modal component. The only exception is that it requires a leastDestructiveRef which is similar to the initialFocusRef of Modal

leastDestructiveRef (required)React.RefThe least destructive action to get focus when dialog is open
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